Thursday, November 18, 2010

Moving my blog and dogs in winter

I bugged Mike to make me a real blog for months. But I didn't just want a real blog, I wanted it to perfectly match the scheme of my website. He did it! ...and then it took me a few more months to actually get around to setting it up. But here it is and here I am.

I don't think I'm very good at blogging.
Oh well. I'll just keep talking and maybe it'll get good enough that someone will listen.

Summer's over and winter is coming. They're predicting our first snow this Saturday. I'm so excited! I love snow and so does the poodle. She'll spend hours zooming around in it....losing her mittens and collecting snowballs in her leg fur. However, despite all the fun we have here I still can't forget the many dogs who spend every hour of every day out in the snow...alone and freezing. There are so many dogs who are left chained in backyards no matter what the weather conditions. Many lack food and water as well.

It's very popular nowadays to compare a dog with a wolf. I'm not an expert by any means but I simply can't follow those methods. The dogs we see nowadays are more human creations then they are wild creatures roaming the mountain valleys. Many of the more extreme animal rights groups out there want to release all pet animals into 'freedom'. Can you imagine a Labradoodle out in the woods? Rubbing it's huge mats off on rocks maybe? Apparently they have not read the news articles about the stray Shih Tzu who's hair got so out of control that it became a prison shell that did not allow the dog to eat or walk.

Even if I don't believe that there should be wild Chihuahua herds roaming the plains, I do believe that dogs are still pack animals. Even if we bred most of the 'wild' out of them, we DID encourage their dependence on us. That makes the existence of the dogs spending their entire lives chained even more depressing. This is even more astonishing now that we're in the era where dogs are less pets, and more family. Many clients at the vet where I work refer to themselves as their pet's 'parents' instead of their pet's owners. However, there are still a few that only bring their dogs in for once a year shave downs. The dogs arrive in horrible condition. One this year even had maggots. These dogs are 'outside' dogs. I'm not talking about animals that are farm dogs in charge of a herd of animals. Or even guard dogs on 24 hour duty. These are 'pets' that people 'love' and are left outside in a backyard to live a lonely life. All these dogs are aggressive, obese, and filthy.

So, when you're outside enjoying the winter sports this year, please take a few minutes to remember those we have made dependent on us who are outside...alone and lonely. Find a local organization focused on helping these creatures and see how you can help as well. Maybe gather some neighbors to make simple dog houses to give out. Even donating a bag of food helps!

Happy winter!!

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