Thursday, November 18, 2010

Archive: May 31, 2010

Getting this webpage up and running has been an interesting experience. I've been doing it all by myself (with a few tips from Mike) and so far things are coming along smoothly. I've never actually used a web publishing program before. All my past web pages have been dubiously slapped together messes of html that I found and copied from various sources on the web. They might have looked...alright... (not counting the fuzzy graphics and all black backgrounds) on the front, but behind the scenes they were a mess! This way is undoubtedly cleaner, easier, and I'm definitely happier with the end product.
It is now less than a month until Mike and I run off to get married and less then two weeks until my bachelorette party in Vegas. Therefore, I will not be grooming  on June 12th through the 14th or June 19th through July 7th. After July 7th I'll be back full time. In the meantime, my very good friend Shawn will be working part time to keep things running in my salon at VCA Bellevue.
Everything for the wedding is planned and I'm working hard not to stress out about the last minute details. The weather up here in Seattle remains very, very wet and gloomy. Hopefully things are a bit sunnier down in California and it'll be nice and warm the day of the wedding!

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