Thursday, November 18, 2010

Archive: June 4, 2010

The site is coming along great! I think we just need to get the guestbook up and running to get some testimonials on here and then it'll be just about finished!
I found out yesterday that the Kirkland Go Dog, Go! Festival is coming on July 24th this year from 10am-3pm. I mentioned it to my manager at VCA Bellevue and now we'll be having a table set up at the event! Our office manager and medical director will be managing it so please do stop by to get any questions answered and to pick up some reading material. Be sure to check out the webpage for all the awesome events that'll be happening. You'll even see a picture of Caly on it!
Caly and I will be there again this year. I've already got a costume picked out for her and hopefully I have time to pull it off after the wedding. Cross your fingers that this year we get first! Last year Caly's Hot Rod costume took second. Nikki and I put a lot of work into it and I was happy to place. We were the only people to actually dye our dog. This year I'll be anticipating the heat and won't dress the poor poodle all in black!

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